82-023 3M 2" Masking Tape 48x55 #2210

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SKU: 82-023

3M 2" Masking Tape 48x55 #2210

  • Crepe Paper Tape: industrial-grade painters masking tape with good holding power conforms to regular or irregular, flat and curved surfaces. This tape can also be used indoors for light-duty material holding, labeling, and bundling tasks
  • Compatibility: tan masking tape has good adhesion, across various materials, like rubber, plastic, glass, and metallic surfaces. It is often used to create well-defined, clean lines in painting regular automotive and specialty vehicles
  • User-Friendly: rubber adhesive tape with crepe paper backing resists curling, slivering, and lifting. Allowing tool-free, hand tearing, this painters tape can be removed cleanly in one-piece without damaging the substrate