AA-5266 Image Trolley for AA5265 Stack Chair

Manufacturer: Image
SKU: AA-5265

 Image Trolley for AA-5265 Stack Chair

  • Stacks 15 Imag-5265 Chairs
  • Sturdy construction: The trolley is built with durable materials, such as steel to support the weight of stacked chairs and ensure long-lasting use.
  • Wheel mobility: The trolley is equipped with wheels that provide smooth and easy movement, allowing for effortless transportation of stack chairs.
  • Stackable design: The trolley is designed to accommodate multiple stack chairs in a stacked position, maximizing space efficiency during storage or transport.
  • Secure stacking: The trolley features support bars to securely hold the stack chairs in place, preventing them from shifting or falling during movement.
  • Space-saving solution: Using a trolley for stack chairs helps to organize and optimize storage space by keeping chairs neatly stacked and easily accessible when needed.
  • Versatile usage: The trolley can be used in various settings such as offices, conference rooms, event venues, schools, or any place where stack chairs are utilized.